Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Bernie Wrightson Tribute panel at the Heroes Aren't Hard to Find Convention in Charlotte NC, June 2017. Participants are John Totleben, Jason Moore, Tom Yeates, Scott Hampton and Joe Jusko.

Richard Corben Warren Magazine Covers

Creepy #146, Summer 1985.

Eerie #77, Sept. 1976.

Eerie #86, Sept. 1977.

Eerie #90, Feb. 1978.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jack Kamen Bondage Covers

Comic book artist Jack Kamen (1920-2008) us most famous for his stories for E.C.'s line of horror comics. Kamen's stories often featured sleek, ice-cold women plotting to murder their husbands or the object of murder themselves. Kamen's squeaky clean style radiated 1950's era wholesomeness while telling unsettling stories of infidelity, murder and revenge. Before working for E.C., he did artwork for a variety of publishers who took advantage of his skills at drawing women.

Claire Voyant #4, 1947.

Jo-Jo Comics #16, June 1948.

The Saint #1, August 1947.

Zoot Comics #11, December 1947.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bernie Wrightson

Husband, father and comic book artist Bernie died yesterday, March 18, 2017. Anyone who had visited this blog more than once probably knows my affection for him and his work. Almost everything you have seen posted on this blog grew out of my fascination with Wrightson and his work. He opened me up to a whole world of art, from his contemporaries and The Studio gang, to the EC artists, Roy Krenkel and earlier masters like Alex Raymond, J.C. Coll and N.C. Wyeth. Thank you Bernie, for all the wonderful art you've given us over the years.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Science-Fiction Plus

Science Fiction Plus was a large format science fiction and fact magazine first published by Hugo Gernsback in March 1953. The magazine featured top writers like Clifford Simak, Frank Belknap Long, Robert Bloch and Philip Jose Farmer. It also had covers and illustrations by legendary science-fiction artists Alex Schomburg, Frank R. Paul, Virgil Finlay and Lawrence Sterne Stevens. Sadly, the magazine only published seven issues.

Science-Fiction Plus, March 1953. Cover art by Alex Schomburg.

Science-Fiction Plus, April 1953. Cover art by Alex Schomburg.

Science-Fiction Plus, June 1953. Cover art by Alex Schomburg.

Science-Fiction Plus, August 1953. Cover art by Frank R. Paul.

Science-Fiction Plus, October 1953. Cover art by Frank R. Paul.

Science-Fiction Plus, October 1953. Back cover art by Frank R. Paul.

Science-Fiction Plus, December 1953. Cover art by Frank R. Paul.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Larry Ivie Tribute by Sandy Plunkett

Artist Sandy Plunkett has started a blog paying tribute to the late Larry Ivie and his collection of comic book art. The Larry Ivie Tribute blog is here.

Something about the project copied from the blog: "In his lifetime, artist / writer / historian Larry Ivie amassed a wide-ranging collection of of original comic art. Some of this material has never been published and a good deal more had never received adequate reproduction. The intent of this blog is to share the collection with fellow enthusiasts and to generate discussions about comic art and the artistic process."

The blog is full of wonderful published and unpublished art by the likes of Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Roy Krenkel and lots of other named and unnamed comic artists of the golden age. Check out a couple samples below, and be sure to visit Sandy's sites for lots of new treats.

Layout for a Fiction House cover, unknown artist.

Tarzan by Roy Krenkel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

EC's Saddle Romances

Saddle Romances was a short-lived EC Pre-Trend title. It ran for three issues from 1949 - 1950. It featured the art of later renowned EC stalwarts such as Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels and Wally Wood (in collaboration with Harry Harrison). The title's numbering was continued from Saddle Justice. After only three issues, EC's acclaimed science fiction title Weird Science picked up with #12.

Saddle Romances #9, Nov-Dec 1949. Cover art by Graham Ingels.

Saddle Romances #10, Jan-Feb 1950. Cover art by Al Feldstein.

Saddle Romances #11, Mar-Apr 1950. Cover art by Al Feldstein.